Outstanding Features

Extremly Easy Setup

The power of modern web components makes it easy to setup and use. Validate your integration with our validator.

Highly customizable widget

Set the colors to match your brand and customize the widget to fit your needs.

Customer details

See customer device, browser, timezone, language, resolution, current url and more. No need to ask for it.

Group and tag customers

Group and tag them with a custom label to make it easier to find them.

Simple Pricing

No complicated pricing structure. Just a simple monthly or yearly fee.


Add notes to your chat. Let other agents know what the customer is looking for.

Exclude or ban

With smart filtering you can exclude certain customers from your chat.

Mini mode

The mini mode takes less space in your app or website but let's the customer still chat.


Give your customers a rating system to help them understand how satisfied they are.

Smart Dashboard and reports

See your live chat statistics in a simple and easy to understand dashboard.

Working Hours

Automatically close or open your chat based on your working hours.

Easy share

Let your customers easly share files and images. Also screenshots can be pasted directly into the chat window.


Sound, push and email notifications about incoming chats.


Add a survey to your chat to get feedback from your customers or collect pre-chat information.


Messure your agents and customers. See how many chats they have and how long they spend in the chat.


Fetch reports, surveys and more from your chat. Integrate with your CRM or ERP.

Canned Responses

Add canned responses to your chat to save time and make your chats more efficient.

Drag'n'drop widget

Allow customers to move your chat widget to their preferred location.

Dark mode

Dashboard and widget are fully compatible with dark mode.

And many more.

Chat transcript download, Emoji menu, Action Buttons, Logs and more.

Easy to setup, customize and use.

Realtime chat and dashboard.


Choose Your Plan

Choose the right plan for your organization to establish and manage your program

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